The Museum of Tourism - room 48


A non-profit initiative that discloses the history of the tourism sector. The primary objective is to value the people, companies and destinations that have laid the foundations of the world of travel, thus paying tribute to those who have preceded us. The Museum is coordinated by the tourist promoter Alberto Bosque Coello.

The Tourism Museum does not have a single headquarters but is an "extended", "diffuse" and global (viritual) museum. The headquarters of the Museum is the world, and every place where there is a "room", this being a space in which objects related to the history of tourism are exhibited, such as travel guides, photos, postcards, posters, souvenirs… Each room is dedicated to a theme, which is always related to the place where it is located.

We are pleased that "room" number 48 of the Tourism Museum is now open at Villa CONMIGO bed and breakfast. The topic is History of Tourism in Malaga, Costa del Sol, History of Dutch Tourism to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

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Many thanks to our donors: Marion Hoogwegt / Sara Hoogwegt / Fernando Hernández Rivas / Robine Moolenaar / Frens Witte / Jeroen Schless / Sander Klomp / An Keuris / Marijke Tempelman / Dennis Jouvenaar / Edwin Everling